Olson Shaner is a multi-state law firm dedicating to protecting the rights of creditor's through the collection of delinquent accounts.

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Making Payments

Payments may be mailed to PO BOX 3898 Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

If the creditor in your case is NAR Inc. you may also make a payment online at www.paynar.com

About Debt Collection

America's economy relies on the repayment of rightfully owed consumer debt. When someone does not pay their debt, the consequence is higher prices for those who do pay their bills. Bill payers end up subsidizing the non-payers.

Additionally, debt collection makes a significant positive impact on the economy. According to an Ernst & Young survey, in the year 2013 debt collection operations returned over 10 billion dollars to the creditors to whom the money was owed, provided over 230,000 jobs, and paid almost 1 billion dollars in taxes. Additionally, debt collectors volunteered 571,000 man hours and donated 130 million dollars to charitable causes.

Debt collectors are valued civic leaders, employers, volunteers, philanthropists, and taxpayers.